Step-by-step guide

Follow the step-by-step guide to see the process for gaining your certificate of compliance.
Register your pool or Spa with your local council. Your local council will send a confirmation letter which will specify when your pool or spa was constructed and which Australian standard it will be inspected under.

Submit your pool registration to the local council. In some cases, your application might require additional documents to be included.

Book a time with The Pool Inspection Man and have your pool or spa barrier inspected and and receive an issue of compliance

A friendly, qualified member from The Pool Inspection Man will visit the property at a date and time that suits you, and carry out a thorough inspection of your pool or spa barrier in accordance with relevant Australian standard. If everything is ok, we will issue a pool or spa barrier compliance certificate. If there are any issues with your pool or spa barrier, we will outline each of these items in detail as part of our written report. Once you have made the necessary rectifications, The Pool Inspection Man must re-inspect your pool or spa barrier with in 60 days from the initial inspection date, and issue a barrier compliance certificate.

Please note:
When you contact us to arrange a date and time, our team needs to see the confirmation letter from the council. This allows us to determine which Australian standard to adhere to when inspecting your pool or spa barrier.

This certificate of compliance must be lodged with your local council for their records, and this remains valid for four years.

This certificate of compliance must be lodged with your local council for their records, and this remains valid for four years (at which point you will need to arrange another pool/spa inspection). If you know when your pool or spa was built, the self assessment checklist below can help you get an initial idea of potential safety hazards in your pool fencing. (removed and flaws)

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Self-Assessment Checklist

A self-assessment does not replace an inspection by a registered  inspector; however, it will assist you in understanding the safety requirements and some solutions to fixing some problems. Check below to see what checklist your
Pool or Spa falls under.

Installed before 8th April 1991 - Checklist 1

Installed between 8th April 1991 and 30th April 2010 - Checklist 2

Installed from 1st May 2010 - Checklist 3

VBA registered inspectors. Members of SPASA Australia. In support of Kidsafe.